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Workforce Solutions

Talent is the New Currency®

An economic development organization’s success is measured in job creation, retention, and investment; in short—wealth creation for a community’s citizens. The number one differentiator between you and your competition is having irrefutable proof of a skilled workforce that is ready to work on day one as well as a talent pipeline that is ready to fill the jobs of tomorrow. Our expertise aligns all your workforce development efforts into an effective strategy to attract, grow, and retain business.

We are experts at analyzing your current workforce, education, and training efforts against where you desire to grow. We will provide you with a strategic road map that validates that your workforce development efforts are aligned and focused on THE most important factor: Ensuring your businesses value their current access to the community’s talent resulting in greater business retention and expansion opportunities. After all, the best business recruiting tool for your community is your existing businesses.

Talent is the New Currency® - Our Workforce Analysis Process:

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